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In 2002, the London African Gospel Choir was founded with the intention of spreading the gospel, and creating a platform of excellence for singers and musicians. Early rehearsals took place at St. Catherine's Church in New Cross as they assembled a repertoire of mainly Ugandan, South African and African-American music, with singing and dancing. Sixteen years later the choir is a family that sings, plays and prays together, whose motto is "Lighting up the world with a song." They're joy-bringers, and their numbers vary since the Choir has up to twenty members who perform in a variety of aggregations, from small vocal groups to a large-scale ensemble. The group has stars in its midst but it's a sense of belonging and togetherness that binds them, driven by faith and respect for their fellow members.
The choir has 3 shows - 'Presents Paul Simon's Graceland', 'Reimagines Bob Marley' and their own repertoire of African-originated gospel songs including songs from their EP 'Mercy'.

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