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Tippa Irie started his musical career in South London on his father’s Sound System called Musical Messiah. Family members soon realized that young Tippa had talent and encouraged him to enter local talent competitions. Most of the local Sound Systems in the area also recognized his talent and invited him to perform on their Sound Systems.Tippa Irie continues to be one of the most consistent artists’ around and is not afraid to continually reinvent himself and venture into different genres to keep his music fresh and current which attracts people of all ages.
In 2016 Tippa struck gold again with his latest album ‘Living the Dream’. The album is a mix of Reggae Dancehall, Soca, Hip Hop, Pop & Afro Beat. He teams up again with Peter Hunnigale with the track ‘Friends will say’ & General Levy with the track ‘Ebola’. The album also features Safiyah, and Sun-I-Tafari among others. Tippa is really excited with the feedback and response from this album.
In 2018, Tippa started touring with the UK reggae legend David “RamJam” Rodigan on tour with the 25-piece Outlook orchestra celebrating 40 years in the reggae business performing to several sold out crowds.
Tippa Irie is not just a successful performer, he has built up a reputation as a top radio DJ, record producer, and owner of his own Studio. To date, Tippa remains one of the most successful entertainers to come out of the UK and continues to fly the flag for the UK scene wherever he goes.

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