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At the age of 20, Martha Reeves proved her capabilities at Motown Records, and made an unforgettable career out of music.  At the age of 64, when she entered politics, it was no wonder that her campaign slogan was “I did it, and so can you.” Martha & the Vandellas were one of the Detroit company’s A-list attractions for much of the 1960s, even though their lead singer felt (and sometimes said) that they were overshadowed by another Motown trio:  the Supremes.
“We strived to come up with different sounds, to make the record sound different.  ‘Nowhere To Run’ was a primary example.  We went out in the back, got some chains, brought them in, and used chains for a backbeat sound.” – Brian Holland
Yet for many, ‘Dancing In The Street’ towers above any Supremes track:  a thunderous ’64 anthem forever associated with Motown Records and the motor city, and with the evolution of civil rights in America.

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